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What is Insights?

Get to know this powerful, graphical way of understanding your data.

What is Insights?

Insights is a reporting dashboard inside Aconex that allows you to see the performance of your processes and understand any issues or bottlenecks in the project. Insights focuses on the processes running in your project regardless of whether they are implemented using Mail, Workflows or Field. The aim is to provide the user with easy-to-understand visualizations of their process information to diagnose risks and performance.

The Insights Approach

Insights in Aconex is based around a four-level hierarchy. It’s underpinned by a belief that it’s best to show metrics across the portfolio based on a standardized process model.

The project level allows you to see each of the processes running on a project and check for any correlations and identify a poorly performing process.

The process level allows you to then diagnose the fault in the process by slicing and dicing the data.

Finally the detail level gets you to the line level detail below the graphs.

Reporting approaches

  • Diagnostic - look at the current situation and determine what is wrong.
  • Performance - look at a metric and how it has improved over 6-12 months (e.g. average time to respond on the project).
  • Predictive - look ahead at what could go wrong based on the data Aconex holds on the performance of projects.
  • Benchmarking - compare performance of your project vs others in your portfolio vs others in the industry.
  • Self Serve - build out your own reports based on the data available in insights.

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