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Data model FAQ

Find quick answers to your queries relating to custom reports.

Data Model FAQs

How can I edit the data model for my report?
From the custom report list, hover over the report name until you see the ellipsis menu (three dots). Click this to get a dropdown list and click Edit Data Model.

How can I add or remove subject areas from an existing report data model?
In the data model editor, select ‘Main subject area’ or ‘Supporting subject area’ to get a pop-up window where you can select or deselect the subject areas.

What is a parent or main subject area?
The parent or main subject area contains all directly linked attributes to a given field. For example, Mail as the main subject area contains attributes such as sent date, recipient list, mail type, etc. that are directly linked with mails.

What is a child or supporting subject area?
The child or supporting subject area has secondary attributes linked with the selected main subject area. For example, Documents can be attached to mails, therefore the attributes of the documents such as document type, document created by, document discipline, are secondary attributes for mails as the main subject area.

What does the ‘prompt at run’ checkbox do?
This allows filters to be adjusted when running the report.  This option must be enabled on the main subject area before it can be used in a supporting subject area.

How can I add or remove data fields from the report data model?
In the data model editor, click Add Columns to view the list of available attributes (data fields) for the selected subject area. From this list, select or deselect the options as required, click OK and then Save the data model.

What happens if I remove data fields while editing the data model?
If you remove data fields or attributes that are being used in a report layout, the report will load but will display empty cells or charts where the removed attribute was used.

Can I add a custom heading for a data field?
Yes. In the data model editor, after adding the subject areas and required attributes/columns you will see the option Custom Heading which can be used to rename a data field or attribute label.  The custom label will apply in the layout only.

custom heading

How can I add or remove filters?
In the data model editor, click on the Filter icon to view and configure filters. Complete the Field, Operator, and Value options to set the filter. To remove a filter, click on the gear icon and click Delete. Click Apply and then Save the data model.

delete filter

When adding contract no. filter (in data model editor) why don’t I see any options in the value drop down list? 

For the contract number filter in the data model editor to list values in the dropdown:

  • the Contract No. attribute must be enabled from the Project Settings and the values must be set.
  • any one of the set contract number values must be assigned to at least one document record in the document register.

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