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Get started with standard reports

The Reports Module lets you run preconfigured reports on many of the common processes in Aconex.

There are ten standard reports which can be filtered or use different layouts depending on your needs.

You can do the following with the standard reports:

Project OverviewYour organization’s project performance.
Document StatusTypes of documents and their statuses.
Mail StatusAll Inbox and Sent Mail messages
RFI SentRFIs sent by your organization.
RFI ReceivedIncoming RFIs where your organization is in 'To' recipient list & needs to act on.
Mail with Response RequiredIncoming Mail where your organization is in ‘To’ recipient list and Sent Mail messages that require a response.
Project DirectoryDetails of all the project’s users.
Workflow StatusStatus of Workflows your organization has initiated or is participating in.
Workflow DocumentsOverdue document reviews your organization is involved in.
Field IssuesIssues raised in Field.
Field ChecklistsInspection Checklists created in Field.
Daily Reports SummarySummary of the Daily Report

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