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Offline template builder FAQ

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BI Publisher Plugin FAQ

How do I enable BI Publisher in Microsoft Word?  I cannot see the BI Publisher tab after installing the plugin.
After you have installed the plugin, open Microsoft Word and click File from the menu bar at the top.
Click on Options from the left panel. From the dialog box select Add-ins on the left and select BI Publisher Template Builder for Word from the Add-ins list.
Click OK.

word add-in

What are the key features or functionalities available in the BI Publisher Template Builder?
Tables, Pivot Tables, Conditional formatting, Charts and more are available. View Layout Components in the Offline Template Builder

How can I add an image or my company logo in the RTF report layout?

Copy and paste or use the Insert function in MS Word to add an image/logo into the RTF layout. We suggest you use .PNG or .JPEG image types. Make sure you right click on the image(s) and select Wrap Text > In Line with Text.

image alignment

Is there a BI Publisher Desktop Template Builder Add-In for Microsoft Office 365? How can I install it?

Office 365 is now certified with the BI Publisher Desktop Template Builder.
See the certification

To install the add-in, download Oracle Business Intelligence (the recommended version). Choose the BI Publisher Desktop based on your version of Microsoft Office 32 bit or 64 bit.

Further installation help

How can I add columns to a table if there is not enough space (width) on the page?

Switch to web view so you can scroll across the page. This web view is available on the status bar at the bottom of the Word file – it’s called Web Layout.

Why do I get an ‘Execution failed’ error message after trying to run a preview feature?

    Execution failed error message

    This error happens when you login, load the XML file, pull in a field or two and then run the preview feature. It’s related to the JRE version installed. To fix the issue:

    1. Open the Publisher Desktop Utility Add-in.
    2. Select the BI Publisher tab.
    3. Click Options on the right side of the page.
    4. Select the Preview tab.
    5. Under Java Home, check the JRE is pointing to the correct Java Home for the JRE. For example: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_181.
    6. Click OK and retest.

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