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Online layout editor FAQ

Find quick answers to your queries relating to custom reports.

Report Layout FAQs

What charts are available? How can I change a chart type?
Available charts include Area, Bar, Bubble, Line, Pie, Funnel, and more.
Change the chart type by clicking on it then clicking the Chart tab at the top. Select a Chart Type as required.

How can I change the graph series colors and chart background color?
In the layout editor, expand the Properties pane on the left and scroll to Charts. Set the Background Color option as required.
You can also scroll to the Chart Plot Area section in the Properties pane and use the Series Color option to change the graph series color.

How can I add data labels to the charts and format the data labels (Bar graphs)?
In the layout editor, expand the Properties pane on the left and scroll to Chart Plot Area. Set Data Visible as True to view data labels in the chart. Use the Data Font Bold/Colour/Italics/Size & Data position options to format the data labels.

How can I align my charts? 
Use the Layout Grid component in the Insert panel to better align the position of components such as charts and tables in the report layout.
First, drag and drop a Layout Grid element into the design area and align it by dragging it to the required position in the design canvas. Then drag and drop the required component such as a chart, table into that Layout Grid cell.

How can I add my company logo into the report layout?
Use the Image component from the Insert panel at the top and select an image from your computer. We suggest dropping the image into a layout grid for best alignment.

How can I add a title to a chart?
Expand the Properties pane on the left and locate Chart Title. Set Visible as True.

How can I change the font?
Expand the Properties pane on the left. For each section adjust the formatting options for font size, type, and colour. For example, in the Chart Legend section, there are options to adjust the font size, type, and colour of the legend text.

How can I change the axis label step?
Expand the Properties pane on the left and locate the Chart Values section with options for formatting the axis.

How can I add or remove column totals or row totals in pivot tables?
Expand the Properties pane on the left and locate the Total Row or Total Column section. Set the Display option to None which removes totals display for the pivot table.

How can I sort data in the table?
Select the table and click the Column tab at the top. Adjust the Sort option as required.

How can I add page numbers?
From the Insert panel at the top, locate Page Elements to add a page number.

How can I add a margin or padding to a table?
Select the table.  Expand the Properties panel on the left then go to Appearance. Use the Margin option.

Can I add attributes from different subject areas (that are not linked) in the same table/chart?
We don't recommend this. While the online editor allows you to drag and drop attributes from different subject areas (that are not linked) in the same table/chart, doing so will give you incorrect output. You cannot do this using the offline template builder.

How do I change the background color of the page, or a section of the page?
Use a Layout Grid to drop all your components.  Select the grid and from the Layout Grid Cell tab at the top, click the Background Colour icon to open the Colour Picker. Choose the required color for the background of the grid.

color picker

How can I change the page size, margin & orientation?
From the Page Layout panel at the top, select the orientation and size (for example, predefined A4, A3, B5) from the Paper section.
To change the margin size, select the page by clicking on the margin then go to Properties on the left panel. Click the Margin option under Appearance. From here you can also adjust the Page Height and Page Width under the Misc section.

paper size

How can I format the x or y axis labels in a chart or hide the x or y axis?

  1. Click on the chart to select it
  2. Go to Properties on the left panel
  3. Expand Chart Label for x-axis and Expand Chart Vale (1) for y-axis
  4. Use Font Bold/Color/Italics/Size/etc. options for axis label formatting.
  5. Set the Axis Visible option as FALSE to hide the axis.

How can I set/change the data label format of a pie chart or donut chart?

  1. Click on the chart to select it
  2. Go to Properties on the left panel
  3. Expand Chart plot area > Pie Slice Format
  4. Select the required format (percentage, value, etc.)

How can I show/hide decimals in the chart data labels?

  1. Click on the chart to select it
  2. Go to Properties on the left panel
  3. Expand Chart Values
  4. Set Data Decimals as 0 (zero) to hide decimals or enter 1, 2 ,3, … to see up to 1, 2, 3, … decimal values respectively.

When I run a report, the layout I created is not properly aligned (in the report view page). How can I align it?

This occurs if the width of the content, chart, or table you added in the layout extends outside the page width. As an example the table may have too many columns.

To resolve this you must increase the page width by following these steps:

  1. Click on Add/Edit layout from three dots menu
  2. Select the layout with the alignment issue
  3. Click Page layout
  4. Expand the Properties option from the left panel
  5. Use the Page Width option to adjust/increase the width accordingly
  6. Drag the components added in the layout to resize accordingly
  7. Click Save.

TIP: To check the alignment, you can open the Aconex report view page in another tab of your web browser and refresh it. Continue adjusting the page width until you see the alignment is correct.

layout alignment

Why is my Standard Report not showing any data? 

If your language is set to a non-English language, the standard reports (RFI Sent, RFI Received and Workflow Documents) may display the message No data to display. This is because the standard reports are being filtered with English terms. For example, the Mail Type is filtered as 'Request for Information' and the Recipient Type is filtered as 'To'

As a workaround you can temporarily change your language to English and run the report. Alternatively you may follow these steps to manually edit the filters with the appropriate language:

  1. Open the report
  2. Click Save as and save a custom version of the report
  3. Find the saved report in the custom tab
  4. From the more options menu click Add/Edit Layout
  5. In the layout editor click on the chart that is displaying no data
  6. From the Chart tab click Manage Filters
  7. Click on each filter and enter the appropriate translation for each English value. For example 'Request for Information' will need to be changed to 'Solicitud de información (RFI)' if your language is Spanish.
  8. Save and View the report.

Note: This is a temporary workaround. We are working to resolve this problem.

manage filters

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