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Reports Glossary

Understand definitions of the terms used in Reports

Note: The data any user can view is for the selected project and only pertaining to that user's own organization.


Definitions match those used in the Mail module.

Mails SentCount of mails sent. If a mail is sent to users within the same organization, it is considered as a single mail. If it's sent to multiple organizations, its considered as one mail per organization.
Mails ReceivedCount of distinct mails received in the Inbox
RFI SentCount of sent mail with Type 'Request for Information'. If a mail is sent to users within the same organization, it is considered as a single mail. If it's sent to multiple organizations, its considered as one mail per organization.
RFI ReceivedCount of distinct mails received in the Inbox of Type 'Request for Information'
Mail no.Mail number (unique for each mail)
TypeMail Type
Mails Requiring ResponseMails sent & Mail received with a response required by date
Due and Due DateResponse required date for the particular mail
Delay and Days LateFor mails with status closed this is calculated as: Actual responded date - response required date. For mails with status overdue this is calculated as: Current date - response required date.
From UserMail sender's name
RecipientsMail recipient's name
To organizationMail recipient's organization name
StatusMail status (eg. Overdue/Outstanding/Responded/Closed-Out)
SubjectMail subject
AttachmentCount of documents attached to a mail
From organizationMail sender's organization name
Sent DateMail sent date
Attribute 1, 2, 3Value of the custom attributes for mails configured by the organization


Definitions match those used in the Documents module.

Docs Sent (Transmittals)Count of documents sent by transmittals by an organization
Docs Received (Transmittals)Count of documents received by transmittals by an organization
Document StatusCount of documents by Document review status
Document TypeCount of documents by Document type
Document NumberDocument No.
TitleDocument title
DisciplineDocument discipline
ModifiedDate on which document was modified
StatusDocument status
RevisionDocument revision
VersionDocument version no.
TypeDocument type

Project Directory

Total number of organizationsCount of organization in a given project
NameName of user
Job titleUser's role
organizationUser's organization name
Total number of users/Total UsersCount of members and guests from all organizations. involved in that project
Trading NameTrading name of the organization.
Members Vs GuestsCount of users from all organization in the project spilt by member and guest


Definitions match those used in the Workflows module. Includes workflows where your organization is an initiator or participant.

Workflows StartedCount of workflows started during the selected period
Workflows CompletedCount of workflows that were completed in the selected period
% Completed On TimePercentage of workflows completed on or before due date out of total number of completed workflows
Schedule VarianceIn Progress Workflow : Expected end date - original due date. Completed workflow : Actual end date - original due date. (only the days that are a part of the working week are considered)
NumberWorkflow number
NameWorkflow name
StatusStatus of overall Workflow (Completed/In Progress/Terminated)
Start Date/Date InDate when Workflow was initiated
Original Due DateDate by which Workflow should be completed
Expected End DateDate on which Workflow is expected to be completed for an In progress workflow
Actual End DateDate on which Workflow is completed
Due DateDate on which the workflow step should be completed for that document
Days LateCurrent date - due date for that particular overdue workflow step for that document
Step NameWorkflow step name
Assigned UserName of user to whom Workflow step is assigned
No. of documents per organizationCount of workflow documents assigned to your organization
No. of documents overdue per organizationCount of workflow documents assigned to your organization where workflow status is overdue
Average Lateness of documents per organizationSum of days late divided by total no.of documents in the workflows assigned to that organization.
Overall average latenessAverage of the Average lateness per organization
Total Docs in workflowCount of documents attached by an organization. working on a specific project during the selected period
Documents Step StatusCount of documents for review in each of the Workflow steps having status either Completed, Current, Forecast, Overdue, Skipped or Terminated.
OrganizationName of organization initiating the Workflow

Field Issues

Definitions match those used in the Field module. Includes issues created by and assigned to your organization.

Total IssuesCount of total issues created by and assigned to my organization.
Field - Issues or Issue by statusCount of issues by status (Open/Closed/In Dispute/Ready to Inspect)
Issue #Issue number
Issues AssignedCount of issues assigned by organization.
DescriptionDescription of the Issue
LocationIssue/Checklist location
Location DetailIssue location details
Captured OnIssue created date
Captured ByName of user who created the Issue
Captured organization.organization that created the Issue
Assigned ToName of user to whom issue is assigned
Assigned To organization.Name of user's organization. to whom issue is assigned
TypeIssue Type
Assigned OnDate on which issue was assigned
Assigned By UserUser who assigned the Issue
Due Date (Field - Issues)Issue due date or Date by which Issue is expected to be closed
Closed On/Last ModifiedDate on which Issue was closed/modified
Closed By UserName of user who closed the Issue
Has PhotoIssue where photo is attached (Y- Yes/N- No)
Photo Added By UserName of user who added the photo
StatusIssue Status
Photo Added OnDate when photo was added

Field Inspections (Checklists)

Includes Field Inspections (Checklists) created by your organization.

Total ChecklistCount of checklists items created by my organization.
Inspections (Checklists) or Checklists by statusCount of checklists items by status
Checklists by organizationcount of checklists items by assigned organization
Checklist #Checklist number
TitleChecklist title
StatusChecklist status (Open/Closed)
DescriptionChecklist description
Created byUser who created the checklist
Created By organization.Organization that created the checklist
Date CreatedDate on which the checklist was created
Modified ByUser who modified the checklist
Modified By organization.Organization that modified the checklist
Item No.Number of items in the checklist
Item DescriptionChecklist item description
Item ResponseResponse type to group your questions, such as Yes/No or Pass/Fail.
Item CommentComment on the checklist item
Issue No.Issue number related to that checklist
Issue StatusStatus of the issue related to that checklist
Item Responded ByUser who responded to the item
Date Item Responded ByDate on which an item was responded

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