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Share your report

Share your custom report with others in your organization or the project
  1. From the navigation menu select Insights > Reports
  2. Click the Custom tab
  3. Hover over a report and from the ellipsis menu, click Share.

Want to edit or share a standard report, or a report shared with you by other users? No problem. Open the report and click Save As to save a copy of the report. You can then edit and share the copy with others (based on your access permissions).

  1. Select a share option, based on your access permissions. Select from the following options:
  • Private: The report is viewable only to the user who created the report on this project. New reports are Private by default. Requires minimum access permission to Create New Private reports.
  • Project Org: The report is viewable by all users in your organization on this project. Requires permission to Create Project Org. reports. The report can be edited and managed by users in your organization who have minimum permission to Create Project Org. reports. 
  • Project: The report is viewable by all users in all organizations on this project. Requires permission to Create Project reportsOnly the user who created the report can edit and manage it.
  1. Click Save and you’ll see a confirmation message.

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