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Using Layouts in Reports

Layouts enable you to view the same report data using a different chart type or design.

All reports have one or more layout options, these are listed in the following table.

Project OverviewStandard and Extended
Document StatusStandard
Mail StatusTabular Detail
RFI SentStandard and Tabular Detail
RFI ReceivedStandard and Tabular Detail
Mail with Response RequiredTabular Detail
Project DirectoryStandard
Workflow StatusStandard
Workflow DocumentsReview In Progress
Field IssuesStandard, Issues - Overview, Issues by organizations, Issues by type
Field InspectionsStandard, Inspections – Overview

The above layouts for Field Issues and Inspections are only available on the AU1, UK1 and US1 instances. All other instances have the Standard layout only.

To change a report design, look for the Layout option and its drop-down menu saying Standard at the top of your report. Click the Layout option menu to open it. Most reports only have the Standard option.

The Layout menu showing the Standard and Tabular Detail options.

Our example shows the RFI Sent report in both Standard, a more graphical format, and Tabular Detail, which use tabs across the top of the report. 

An example of a report using the Standard layout.

An example of a report using the Tabular Detail layout.

An example of a report using the Standard layout.

Setting a default layout

You can switch between these layouts manually, but you can also set one as the default.

Do this by hovering over the appropriate report, clicking the three dots icon and selecting Set Default Layout

The Set Default Layout option in the three dots menu.

On the AU1, UK1 and US1 instances, the Set Default Layout option is not available. Instead, use Save in the report view page to set the currently selected layout as default for that report.

In the Select Default Layout window, choose an option from the Default Layout menu, then press Save.

The Select Default Layout window showing the layout options.

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