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View the full list of subject areas and attributes

Use this complete subject area and attribute list to help you define the data model for your reports.

See the below list of attributes for each subject area.


  • The static type attributes are mandatory/system fields where labels are not editable & displayed with the same label in the data model.
  • The dynamic type attributes are configurable fields where labels or the values are editable/can be changed across projects. In this page, we have shown the default labels but in the data model, you’ll find custom labels if any that are used.

Documents | Field Daily Reports | Workforce | Schedule Delays | Material Deliveries | Weather | Equipment | Field Inspections | Field Issues | General | Mail | Tender | User | Workflow | Workflow Steps


S.No.Attribute NameAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
S.No.Attribute NameAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
1As-Built RequiredStatic
2Authorized byStatic
3Check 1Static
4Check 2Static
6Comments 2Static
8Contract DeliverableStatic
9Contractor Doc NoStaticYesString input
10Contractor Rev.StaticYesString input
11Created ByStaticYesString inputName of organization that registered given document in document register / Document owning organization
12Current RevisionStatic
13Date 1StaticYesDate Filter
14Date 2StaticYesDate Filter
15Date ApprovedStaticYesDate Filter
16Date CreatedStaticYesDate FilterDate filled in by the user when registering a document in doc register
17Date For ReviewStaticYesDate Filter
18Date ModifiedStaticYesDate FilterDate registered. Set automatically when a document version is created in document register
19Date ReviewedStaticYesDate Filter
20Date to the customerStaticYesDate Filter
21Document NoStaticYesString input
22File SizeStatic
23File TypeStatic
25Markup Last Modified DateStatic
26Milestone DateStaticYesDate Filter
27Modified ByStatic
28Number of MarkupsStatic
29Percent CompleteStatic
31Planned Submission DateStaticYesDate Filter
32Print SizeStatic
33Project Field 1Static
34Project Field 2Static
35Project Field 3Static
36ReferenceStaticYesString input
37Review SourceStatic
38Review StatusStaticYesMulti select list
39RevisionStaticYesString input
39Revision DateStaticYesDate Filter
41Tag NoStatic
42TitleStaticYesString input
43Vendor Doc NoStaticYesString input
44Vendor RevStaticYesString input
45Version NumberStatic
46Attribute 1Dynamic
47Attribute 2Dynamic
48Attribute 3Dynamic
49Attribute 4Dynamic
51Contract NoDynamicYesMulti select list
52DisciplineDynamicYesMulti select list
53Package NoDynamicYesMulti select list
54Select List 1Dynamic
55Select List 10Dynamic
56Select List 2Dynamic
57Select List 3Dynamic
58Select List 4Dynamic
59Select List 5Dynamic
60Select List 6Dynamic
61Select List 7Dynamic
62Select List 8Dynamic
63Select List 9Dynamic
64StatusDynamicYesMulti select list
65TypeDynamicYesMulti select list
66VDR CodeDynamic

Supporting subject area: Document Workflow Steps

List details of the Workflow step for any document. See the Workflow Steps list, as the attributes list is the same.

Field Daily Reports

S.No.AttributeAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
1Daily Report Date StaticYesDate Filter
2General Comments Static
3Status StaticYesMulti select list

Supporting subject areas: Workforce, Schedule Delays, Material Deliveries, Weather & Equipment

Provides Daily Reports summary


S.No.AttributeAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
1Daily Report DateStatic
4Total HoursStatic
5Work UndertakenStatic

Schedule Delays

S.No.AttributeAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
1Daily Report DateStatic
2Delay TypeStaticYesMulti select list
4Time (hours)Static

Material Deliveries

S.No.AttributeAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
1Comments Static
2Daily Report Date Static
4Material TypeStatic
6Time (hours)Static
7Unit of MeasureStatic


S.No.AttributeAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
2Daily Report DateStatic
3Humidity (%)Static
5Precipitation (mm)Static
6Temperature ( C )Static
8Wind Speed (kph)Static
9World DirectionStatic


S.No.AttributeAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
2Daily Report DateStatic
3Equipment TypeStatic
5Runtime (hours)Static

Field Inspections

S.No.Attribute NameAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
1Checklist DescriptionStatic
2Checklist NumberStatic
3Checklist TitleStaticYesString input
4Created ByStatic
5Created By OrgStatic
6Creation DateStatic
7Date Checklist ModifiedStatic
8Date Item RespondedStatic
9Has PhotoStatic
10Issue NumberStatic
11Issue StatusStatic
12Item CommentStatic
13Item DescriptionStatic
14Item NumberStatic
15Item Responded ByStatic
16Item ResponseStatic
17LocationStaticYesTree view filterArea
18Modified ByStatic
19Modified By OrgStatic
20Percentage CompletedStatic
21StatusStaticYesMulti select list

Field Issues

S.No.Attribute NameAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
1Assigned By OrganizationStatic
2Assigned OnStatic
3Assigned To OrganizationStaticYesMulti select list
4Assigned UserStatic
5Captured By OrganizationStatic
6Captured By UserStaticYesMulti select list
7Captured OnStatic
8Closed AtStatic
9Closed ByStatic
11Due DateStatic
12Has PhotoStatic
13Issue NumberStatic
14Issue TypeStaticYesMulti select list
15Last Modified OnStatic
16Last Updated ByStatic
17LocationStaticYesTree view filterArea
18Location DetailStatic
19Photo Added By UserStatic
20Photo Added OnStatic
21StatusStaticYesMulti select list


General Filter attributes show you the subject area filters that are applied to your report. Drop these attributes onto your report, and when you export it, you can see which filters were applied to it.

S.No.Attribute NameAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeDescription
1Current DateStaticToday’s Date
2My OrganizationStaticCan be used to report on your organization’s activities. Display your organization name, or filter transactions such as mails sent to your organization.
3Document FilterStaticLists all the values selected in the applied filters for given subject area
4Field Daily Report FilterStatic
5Field Checklist FilterStatic
6Field Issue FilterStatic
7Mail FilterStatic
8Tender FilterStatic
9User FilterStatic
10Workflow Documents Filter (Supporting subject area)Static
11Workflow FilterStatic
12Workflow Steps FilterStatic
13Workflow Steps Filter (Supporting subject area)Static
14Project NameStaticDisplays logged in project name


S.No.Attribute NameAttribute TypeFilterableFilter typeNotes
1Closed OutStaticYesDate FilterMail closed out date
2Closed Out Details Static
3Confidential Static
4Days Late StaticDays Late = Current Date – Due Date
5Due StaticYesDate FilterDue date
6From (Name/User) StaticYesString inputFrom user name
7From OrganizationStaticYesMulti select list
8Mail Box StaticYesMulti select listCategorize mails as Inbox and Sent
9Mail No. StaticYesString input
10Number of attached Documents StaticCount of total docs attached in given mail
11Project Name Static
12Recipient Type StaticYesMulti select listCategorize mail recipients as ‘To’ & ‘Cc’
13Recipients StaticYesString inputMail recipients
14Reference Number StaticYesSingle input
15Sent Date StaticYesDate FilterMail sent date
16Sent MonthStaticShow the month the mail was sent in the format YYYY-MM. Recommended for creating charts grouped by month. In order to use this attribute, you will also need to include the sent date attribute.
17Status StaticYesMulti select list
18Subject StaticYesString input
19To (Organization) StaticYesMulti select list
20Total File Size of All Attachments Static
21Attribute 1Dynamic
22Attribute 2Dynamic
23Attribute 3Dynamic
24Attribute 4Dynamic
25Mail TypeDynamicYesMulti select list
26Reason For IssueDynamicYesMulti select list


S.No.Attribute NameAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
1Bid No.StaticYesString inputTender No.
2Bid TitleStaticYesString input
3Closing DateStatic
4Days LeftStatic
5Initiator ContactStatic
6Initiator OrganizationStatic
7Open DateStaticYesDate Filter
8StatusStaticYesMulti select list
9Tender RecipientsStatic


S.No.Attribute NameAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
1Division NameStaticYesString input
2Organization IdStatic
3Organization NameStatic
4PositionStaticYesString input
5Project AddressStatic
6Project FaxStatic
7Project PhoneStatic
8Trading NameStaticYesString input
9User IdStatic
10User NameStaticYesString inputFirst Name & Last Name
11User TypeStaticCategorize a user as a member or guest


S.No.Attribute NameAttribute TypeFilterableFilter TypeNotes
1DelayStaticShows the overall delay in the Workflow. For In- Progress Workflows this is the difference between Expected end date and Original due date. For Completed Workflows this is the difference between Actual end date and Original due date. Only days that form the working week are considered in the calculation.
2Estimated Due DateStatic
3Original Due DateStaticYesDate Filter
4Project NameStatic
5Start DateStaticOverall Workflow Start Date
6Workflow NameStaticYesString input
7Workflow NumberStaticYesString input
8Workflow StatusStaticYesMulti select listOverall Workflow Status

Supporting Subject area: Workflow Steps

Shows the step details for any Workflow. 

Workflow Steps

S.No.Attribute NameDescriptionAttribute TypeFilterableFilter Type
S.No.Attribute NameDescriptionAttribute TypeFilterableFilter Type
1Assigned To (Name)Static
2Assigned To (Organization)Static
4Date CompletedStaticYesDate Filter
5Date DueStaticYesDate Filter
6Date InStaticYesDate Filter
7Days LateStatic
8Document NoStaticYesString input
9Document RevisionStatic
10Document TitleStatic
11Document VersionStatic
13File NameStatic
14Initiator (Name)Static
15Initiator (Organization)Static
16Original Due DateStaticYesDate Filter
17Parent WorkflowStaticYesString input
18Project NameStatic
19Reason For IssueStatic
20Step NameStaticYesString input
21Step OutcomeStatic
22Step StatusStaticYesMulti select list
23Sub WorkFlow In ProgressStatic
25Workflow NameStaticYesString input
26Workflow NoStaticYesString input
27Workflow statusStaticYesMulti select list

Supporting subject area: Workflow Documents

Lists the document details attached in Workflow steps. See the Documents list, as the attributes list is the same.

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