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View, share and manage printable reports

Explore the options in printable reports.

Printable Report options

  1. Hover over a report name until you see the ellipsis menu (three dots) appear.  
  2. Click the ellipsis menu and the following options will appear for the selected report:
  • Preview: Preview this report.
  • Edit: Update the report name, description and data model.
  • Share: Share the report with other users on the project. Learn more.
  • Add/Edit Layout: Create or Modify a Layout for this report. Learn more.
  • Duplicate: Save a copy of this report
  • Delete Report: Delete this report.
  • Export to XML: Export the report Data Model to XML for creating layouts offline using the plugin. Learn more.
  • Import Layout: Import a layout (RTF file) created offline using the BI Publisher Template Builder plugin.
printable reports options

You may not see all options on every report. They are based on the report type and your access permissions. Predefined reports can only be previewed or duplicated.

Preview a Printable Report

Click on the report name or select Preview from ellipsis menu. The report will load and you can select the desired layout from the Layout Selector (if multiple layouts exist). You must input a unique field value, for example Contract ID, using the option available on the preview page.

preview screen

Options on this screen are available based on your access permissions, access to subject areas of the corresponding module (for example Cost), and the report type.

Set default layout

From the report preview page, click Set Default Layout. The currently selected layout will be set as default for the given report. 

default layout

Share a Printable Report

Share the reports you created with users in your or other organizations working on the same project. Only the Data Model and Layouts can be shared with other organizations. The actual data they see depends on what information they have been given access to on the project. See Who can see my Mail and Documents?

  1. Hover over a report and from the ellipsis menu, click Share.
  2. You will see share options based on your access permissions. Select from the following options:
  • Private: The report is viewable only to the user who created the report on this project. New reports are Private by default. Requires minimum access permission to Create New Private reports.
  • Project Org: The report is viewable by all users in your organization on this project. Requires permission to Create Project Org. reports. The report can be edited and managed by users in your organization who have minimum permission to Create Project Org. reports. 
  • Project: The report is viewable by all users in all organizations on this project. Requires permission to Create Project reportsOnly the user who created the report can edit and manage it.
  1. Click Save and you’ll see a confirmation message.

Want to edit or share a standard report, or a report shared with you by other users? No problem. Open the report and click Save As to save a copy of the report. You can then edit and share the copy with others (based on your access permissions).

Duplicate a report

Use this option to create a slightly different report layout, which you can edit later. This allows you to create many different layouts to display your data in different ways.

  1. From the report preview page, click Duplicate. Alternatively you can select duplicate from the options (three dots) menu.
  2. Enter a name, and description for the new report.
  3. Tick Do not copy layouts if you only want to copy the data model, otherwise leave unticked and all associated layouts are copied while duplicating the report.
  4. Click Save.
  5. You’ll see a confirmation message and the duplicated report will now appear on the listing page.
duplicate button

Use the duplicate option for predefined/out of the box or shared reports, to make changes and share them.

Export a Printable Report

  1. Click on the report name or select View Report from dropdown menu.
  2. Once the report has loaded select the desired layout from the Layout Selector.
  3. Click Export As and choose a format to export the report.
export report

Exporting to CSV will export the entire data set defined in your Data Model, including filters. However, any filters set in your Layout will be ignored. Follow the steps below to export a layout to CSV.

Export as CSV

Follow these steps to enable CSV exporting for a report layout.

  1. Hover over the report and from the ellipsis menu, click Add/Edit Layout.
  2. From the layout listing page click View a list to display all layouts in list view.
  3. Find the row of the layout you wish to export, and click the Output Formats field.
  4. Scroll down the list and tick Data (CSV).
  5. Click Save.

This will enable CSV exporting for the selected layout only. You'll need to repeat these steps for any other layouts you want to export to CSV.

Avoid changing any other options here, as doing so may result in errors with your report.

enable export to csv

If you don't have permission to edit the layout then you’ll need to ask the creator of the report to enable this option.

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