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What is Daily Reports?

Rain, hail, or shine, your daily reports all together in one place

Daily Reports is now available on both desktop and mobile devices, for all projects enabled with Field. Keep track of important site details such as the weather, site numbers, and equipment - all kept safe in the Aconex audit trail, so it's easy to refer to later.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to develop and improve Daily Reports over the coming months. 

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Key Features

  • Report all site activities for the day, such as workforce present, equipment operated, material delivered, schedule delays, and weather conditions.
  • Add photos to your activity records.
  • Easily search and filter existing entries.
  • Generate a PDF summary report for each day and share it with others.
  • Save time with the copy function - simply create a copy of an existing daily report and edit it to suit your day.
  • Work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.

Who can use Daily Reports?

Daily Reports can currently only be used by one organization on the project. By default, this is the Aconex project-owning organization.

On request, the ability to create Daily Reports can be assigned to a different organization. This will mean the organization that currently has access to Daily Reports will no longer be able to use it.

User roles

We’ve created user roles for daily reporting that better reflect your project needs. The new roles empower a report owner to delegate and allow other team members to report on site activities.You can edit user roles in your settings:

Go to Field settings > Your organization.

User roles
Report adminStart, modify and submit any Report Owner's Daily Reports.
Report ownerStart, modify and submit Daily Reports, but can't start and modify other Report Owner’s reports.
Report contributorStart and modify Report Owner’s Daily Reports, but can't submit a report.
Observer (default)View all reports owned by any user role on the project, but can't start, modify, submit or reopen any Report Owner's Daily Report.
user roles in daily reports

Accessing Daily Reports

From your desktop

  1. Log in to Aconex and click Field, then select Daily Reports.
daily reports menu
  1. Click on an existing report to view and edit it.
click report

From your mobile device

  1. Open the Oracle Aconex Mobile app and log in. Tap Daily Reports.
tap daily reports
  1. Tap on an existing report to view and edit it.
tap on a report

Create a daily report

Daily Reports are automatically created for you each day. They'll initially have the status of 'Not Started'.

  1. To add details for a day, select an entry and click Edit.
  2. Enter details such as weather, workforce, and materials and click Save.
  3. Edit the entry to add more details at any time. Once the entry is complete click Submit to finalize it. (it will need to be Saved first).
edit an entry

Entries are created each day at 12 am local time for the Aconex instance. Timezones for each instance are listed on our scheduled maintenance page.

Stay tuned

We're busy making further enhancements to Daily Reports over the coming months. Sign up for our monthly release highlights to stay updated. 

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