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Create a new project in Field

How to create projects for Field.

To begin a new project, you'll need to design and create your project hierarchy. 

Design your project hierarchy

Separate your development into smaller levels, like you would a folder structure on your computer.

Say you have one building with two levels, and five apartments on each floor. Here’s how you could design the project hierarchy.

Project Hierarchy

Create your project hierarchy

Now you’ve agreed on the design of the project hierarchy, create the folder structure on your computer. Create one folder (Hotel VIP Resort in the above example) and create folders within it as required.

  • Replicate the project hierarchy design by creating labelled folders and sub-folders on your computer. Within the project folder (e.g. Hotel VIP Resort), every area should have a folder of its own (e.g. Level 01), which contains dependent sub-folders (e.g. Apartment 101, with Bedroom, Ensuite, and other folders within that). 

  • Compress the folders into a zip file.
    • PC Users: right-click on the top-level folder (e.g. Hotel VIP Resort) and select Send to, then Compressed (zipped) folder.

    • Mac Users: right-click on the top-level folder and select Compress “Hotel VIP Resort”.

Send the zip file to your Client Operations contact at Aconex. We’ll let you know when the project is ready to access in Field.

Need to make a change to the structure you've set up? See Adding, Editing or Deleting sub-areas of your project.

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