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Create reports in Field

Create issue reports in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats

Export issues into a report

  1. Log in to Field.
  2. Select the project you're working on from the Project menu.
  3. Use the Area drop-down menus and issue filters, groups, and sorting options to display the list of issues for your report.
  4. Click Export as and select PDF, Excel or CSV from the drop-down menu.
Exporting a Field report
  1. The file is automatically created and downloaded to your computer.

PDF reports

Field's PDF reports contain all the issue information, including images.

Each one also has a handy QR code that identifies the location where the issue was captured. You can scan these QR codes with the Field Mobile app to quickly see the issue's details when you're on site.

PDF report

Excel and CSV reports

Excel and CSV reports include all the information recorded for each issue except images.

Excel report

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