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Guide for Head Contractors and Builders using Field

Field makes it easy to share and manage defects between organizations on your project.

Here’s how to get started.

1. Log into Field on your computer

First up, log into Field on your computer.

If the project’s already under way, you’ll see a list of issues your inspectors have captured, and which Subcontractor organizations they’ve been assigned to.

You’ll also see any issues you’ve been assigned by inspectors from other organizations. You can either resolve these, or re-assign them to your Subcontractors.

You can add people from your team to the Field project here if you’re a Field Administrator.

2. Get Oracle Aconex Mobile for your phone or tablet

Oracle Aconex Mobile brings Field to your phone or tablet, which is really handy when you’re on site.

3. Log into Oracle Aconex Mobile on your mobile device

Log into Oracle Aconex Mobile. Again, you’ll see the list of issues you’ve been assigned to work on.

4. Manage users and organizations

Managing the users and organizations you work with in Field is easy. Just log into Field on your computer to make the changes you need.

5. View and work with issues

View the issues you need to work on using Oracle Aconex Mobile, or on your computer.

Then get started working with issues in Field.

Need more help?

The Field home page on Support Central is your first stop for help using Field. Bookmark it in your browser so it’s easy to find.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our Service Desk.

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