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How do I use Field if I’m not using Aconex?

Field-only projects rely on some key Aconex functionality.

Field uses key Aconex features, including the Project directory and mail, to help you manage issues on your projects.

So before you can invite people to your Field project, you need to invite them to the project in Aconex.

If you want to invite someone to your Field project who’s not registered in Aconex, they need to register here first.

Once your users have joined the Aconex project, you can get started in Field.

  1. Log in to Aconex Field using your Aconex login name and password.

  2. Add other people from your organization and assign them appropriate roles.

  3. Edit the issue types if you need to.

  4. Add your project's location details and issue descriptions to make capturing issues easy.

  5. Add other organizations you work with by assigning issues to them.

  6. Ask your team to download the mobile apps at the App Store or Google Play, and to log in using their regular Aconex login names and passwords.

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