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Bulk Issue Assignment

Quickly update assignee for multiple issues

This feature is helpful if you need to:

  • Assign multiple issues, captured on site or from the office. Check box selections apply for email and export
  • When an organization leaves the project and all their issues need to be re-assigned to another organization.
  • When a main contractor or an individual user in your organization leaves the project and the issues need to be re-assigned to someone else.
  1. Select the check box for the issues you’d like to assign.
  2. In the Tools drop down menu, select the Edit Assignee option.
edit issue assignee in bulk

If you don’t have permission to edit issues (including shared issues), you won’t see these in your selection.

  1.  Find the organization or  person in your org, you want to assign the issues to.
  2. Select continue.
select organisation and continue
  1. You will receive a confirmation that the issues have been assigned.   Click Close.

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