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Download an Issues Report for your project

Save a Field report in the format you need.

You can configure a report on the issues you need and download it in either XLS, CSV, or PDF format. Field PDF reports contain all the images associated with each issue. See Exporting photos and thumbnails for more information covering the type of photo files used in an exported issued PDF.

Downloading a project report

  1. Select Field/Issues.
  2. Navigate to the location you want to generate a report for.
  3. Use the filters and the grouping and sorting options as required.
  4. Select the issues you want to export.
An example of several Issues that have been selected for Export.
  1. Now select an option from the Export menu at the top of the list, and the report format you want. The options are:
  • PDF – if you choose this option you can also include or exclude any associated comments. 
  • Excel
  • CSV. 
The Export menu options.
  1. Select Export to download to your computer.
The Export Options window.

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