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Exporting photos, thumbnails and meta-data for issues

Exporting photos and meta-data for issues exported to PDF.

PDF printouts are still widely used in construction for a variety of reasons. For example, PDF issues lists are handed out on site for issue progression and resolution, and are also needed for reporting and compliance. However, the thumbnail photos used in the reports, and the accompanying metadata, are not always of sufficient quality and are not always as helpful as they could be.

Instead of using thumbnails, you can choose to upload four higher resolution photos instead, along with their accompanying metadata. The latter gives you the ability to audit issues as they progress.

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What type of photo files are used when exporting issues to PDF?

When you're exporting issues to PDF, you can export their associated photos as either thumbnails or HD photos. Depending on the options you've chosen for photos and issues count, the exported PDF is then downloaded to your desktop or uploaded into Docs Register/Temporary files.

The PDF file is downloaded to your desktop if you have an export of:

  • 1000 or fewer issues, with the photo thumbnail option selected
  • 200 or fewer issues, with the high resolution photos option selected

In all other cases, the export files are uploaded into Docs Register/Temporary files.You'll be notified by email once the upload is complete. The email will include a link to download the exported file.

HD photos option

Each of the four most recent HD photos exported:

  • will be high-resolution
  • have a width of 240 pixels,
  • will maintain the aspect ratio for height
  • are optimized for PDF down- and upload.

If you want to export more than four photos per issue, these can only be exported as thumbnails of 120 pixels.

Photo metadata

This includes the: 

  • associated issue status
  • details of the user/organization uploading the photo 
  • timestamp of the upload.

The examples below show the difference between the thumbnail and high-resolution photos.

Examples of the thumbnail photos.
Examples of the high resolution photos.

Exporting and messaging

To make it easier to find files, you can enter a custom file name in the File Name field when exporting an issue via the Export options window.

When you run an export, you can choose between All thumbnails or High-resolution.

The Export options for issues.

If you’re making large numbers of exports, you’ll see messages with updates about progress and export times.

An example of an export in progress message.

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