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Reassign an issue to someone else

If an issue you’re working on needs attention from another organization, here's how you can reassign it to them.

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As an Inspector and above, if an issue being worked on needs attention from someone else, it can be assigned back to:

  • your organization,
  • a different user in your organization, or:
  • a different organization. 

Reassigning an issue in Aconex Field

You can do this in both the panel and the grid view.

Issues list view

  1. When you select a specific issue in the Issues list, you will see that each issue has an Assigned to section in the Issue details panel on the right-hand side. This shows the organization or individual user the issue is assigned to.
  1. Roll your mouse over the Assigned to value in the Issue details panel to open a drop-down list, then select an organization or specific user from the list.
  1. Click the link to edit the name of the organization. Press Enter to save the change. You can also select an organization from the dropdown list.

Using the Grid view

  1. Select the Grid view, then select Edit Mode.
  1. Now click the name in the Assignee column.
  2. This opens a list of options which you can select from.
  3. Select Read-only Mode to return to Edit Mode.

Reassigning an issue in Field Mobile

  1. In the Issue list, you can see that an issue has been assigned to an organization or a user from your organization.

  1. Tap the issue you want to edit.
  1. Select an organization or user to save the issue reassignment.

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