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Send Field reports using Aconex Mail

Keep assignees informed by sending them a PDF report of the issues they've been assigned using Aconex Mail.

The PDF Field report only contains issues that are assigned to an organization, and is only sent to users who are administrators, for example Assignee Administrator. You can find out who the Administrator users are in Organizations you work with, which you can access from Settings. See also Assign a role to a Field user for more information on user roles.

If you have more than one organization in the issue list, reports are sent to them individually, and only contain information that's relevant to them. 

Sending Field reports

  1. Log into Aconex on the web.
  2. Click Field > Issues and select the location that you want to generate a report for. Use the filters and the grouping and sorting options as required.
  1. Click Tools > Send.
send button
  1. The Send with Aconex Mail dialog appears. Select a Mail type from the options in the dropdown list.

Choosing a mail type
  1. To give your mail attributes, click the Show all fields button. If an attribute is mandatory for the project, you won't be able to send the report until you've made a valid selection for it.

Choosing attributes for your report mail
  1. Once you've added the attributes you need, click the Send button.

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