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Tracking changes using an inspection's Event log

Use the Event log to create a complete trail of all the work done on an inspection.

If you want to see the details of every change and update made to an inspection, who they were made by and when, you can do so from the Event log. This provides a complete trail of all the work done on an inspection, from start to finish. The audit history provided by a log ensures legal compliancy and aids investigation and dispute resolution.

Logs are searchable and contain details of the:

  • event type
  • event details
  • date timestamp
  • user name of the user
  • organization name.

Opening an event log

  1. To open the Event log, select an Inspection from the list.
  2. Next click the Action menu.
The Actions menu.
  1. From the list, select View Event log.
  2. You should now see an Event log screen similar to the one shown in our example. Note that if an inspection has had a lot of changes and updates, you may need to use the search fields to find the information you want to review.
An example of an Events Log.

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