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View issues in Field Mobile

View, locate, sort, group, scan and filter issues in Field Mobile.

Locate issues

  1. Find the location you're working on by choosing Select location at the top of the page. Normally this is an address or development name.
  2. If the area you're working on is in a sub-menu of that location, scroll and tap through the sub-areas in the dropdown list to find it.
Choosing an area of a project
  1. A list of logged issues will display.

The list shows the 100 most recently logged issues for that location, but you can refine the list by sorting, grouping and filtering.

Sort issues

Sorting can help you quickly find issues for review, whether you’re looking by location, the name of the person who assigned them, or their capture date.

  1. Tap the Filter icon.
  2. Tap Sort by in the middle of the page, above the issues list.
  3. Choose either LocationAssigned to or Captured on in the popup menu.
  • Location sorts issues by location in ascending order.
  • Assigned to sorts issues by Assigned name from A to Z.
  • Captured on sorts issues by date, from the most to least recent.
  1. The list of issues is automatically sorted for your review.

To refine the list further, you can filter by status, assigned name or due date. Selecting this information will automatically udpate the list of issues. See Filter issues for more information.

Sorting issues

Filter issues

You can filter a list of issues by identifying the specific issues, locations and organizations you want to include in the list.

  1. Tap Filter on the right-hand side of the display. Select the criteria you need:
  • Status lets you filter the issues' on their status. You can choose any, or a combination of the Open Work done, Ready to Inspect, In dispute or Closed statuses.
  • Assigned to lets you select one or more organizations assigned to complete work. Scroll and tap as many names you wish to include in the filtered list.
  • Due lets you select issues that are in certain timeframes.
  1. Once you've made your selections, press Apply to see the filtered list.

You can also sort issues.

Filtering issues

Update list

To make sure you're seeing all the currently logged issues in a list, tap the Refresh button to update it.

The refresh button

Access location by scanning a QR code

If you're working off a PDF of issues exported from Field, you can access the location quickly by scanning the document's QR code.

  1. Log in to Field Mobile.
  2. Tap Scan location.
  3. Scan the QR code located on the top left-hand side of the exported PDF. Just hold your phone or tablet up in front of the QR code to scan it.
  4. You'll see a list of the issues logged for that location.
QR codes

You can scan the QR code from a printed PDF, or from a PDF displayed on a screen.

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