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Viewing issue pins on exported drawings

When you export a drawing, you can choose to include the locations of any pins.

Pins show exactly where an issue is, so it’s helpful to be able to add these to a drawing when you export it to PDF.

Exported drawings show the following information:

  • The document number and title
  • The drawing thumbnail with the issue’s location highlighted
  • A zoomed-in view of the drawing with the issue pin.

See also Exporting photos, thumbnails and meta-data for issues.

An example of an exported issue showing where the information about the pin is in the PDF.

An example of an exported issue showing the pin's location.

An enlarged view of the same exported issue, but showing the pin in more detail.

An enlarged view of the exported issue showing the pin in more detail.

Viewing pins

To add pins you have to select Location on the drawing in the Export Options window prior to running the export. Pin locations are automatically added to the drawing in the exported PDF for all issues - you don’t have to select them individually.

  1. Select all the issues you want to export.
  2. In the Export Options window, select Location on drawing.
  3. Press Export.
The Export Options window showing the Location on Drawing option.

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