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Add a checklist template to your project

Create a new template for inspectors to use in structured inspections.

When you create a checklist template, you can save it as a draft, or, if you’re ready to add it to your live Field project, you can publish it.

  1. Log into Aconex Field on the web.
  2. Click the Settings tab.

If you can’t see Settings, it means you don’t have Field administrator rights. Speak to your Organization Administrator for more information.

  1. Under Checklists in the left-hand panel, click on Checklist templates. This will display any templates that are currently available in your project.
  1. Click the Add Templates button and select Checklists.

  2. Type a title for the template in the Title field.

  3. In the Description field, enter any information you'd like inspectors to know when they use this template.

  4. Choose a category for your template from the Category dropdown menu.

  5. Add items for the template in the Items area. You can add Item groups if you want to use subsections to structure your template.
  6. Choose the response type for the new item and click Add. You can choose from:
    • Text (256 character limit)
    • Text Area (5000 character limit)
    • Single Select (120 character limit)
    • Yes/No
    • Pass/Fail
    • Yes/No/NA
  1. Click Save to save your new template. Inspectors will see new templates when they next log into the Field app.

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