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Adding a checklist template to your project

Creating new templates for inspectors to use in structured inspections.

See also Share inspection templates with organizations on your project.

  1. You create templates from Field/Settings
  2. Under Inspections in the left-hand panel, select Templates to see a list of all the templates currently available to your project.
  3. Click Add Template and select Checklist from the drop-down menu.
The Settings page templates window showing the Categories list.

Create a new template from an existing one by hovering over it and clicking Copy

copy template
  1. Enter a Title and Description. The description can be anything you want inspectors to know when using this template.
  2. Now select an option from the Category drop-down menu. See Organize checklist templates for more information on Categories.

Once you've completed these fields you can start adding and grouping the questions you want inspectors to answer.

Editing a template showing the Title, Description and Category options.

Adding items

Adding items is a two-step process.

  1. Entering a question - this is the information you want an inspector to respond to.
  2. Selecting a Type - these are elements that control where a question is on your template or the type of information it is. For example, you can use Type to group your questions, or you could create responses such Yes/No or Pass/Fail. See the Items options table below for more details.

If you have more than one set of questions, you should group them to make your template clearer and easier to use.

  1. To add items, enter a question in the Question field under Add item, then select an option from Type.
  2. If you want to group items, select Group, then press Add
The Add Items options.
  1. Now enter another question and select a Type. In our example, we're creating questions about work that has to be done in the apartment, so all these will be added to the Apartment group.

You can repeat these steps until you've added all the types you want your template to use. 

An example of a template with the Apartment item.

Once the work has been inspected, it must be signed off, so another group has been added to our example for the inspector's signature.

Note that if we hadn't created a group for this, the Signature question would have been automatically added to the Apartment group. 

An example of a finished template showing two items inspectors have to use.

Editing response types

If you want to edit the options in a Select List question, select Edit Values in the Response Type column. This opens the Configure list of options window, where you can edit, re-order and delete them as required.

The configure list options windows with Allow multiple selections highlighted.

If you want to change a Response Type, for example from Yes/No to Yes/No/NA, click the down arrow next to the one you've already set up, then choose an alternative from the drop down list.

You can also make questions mandatory by selecting the tick box in the Mandatory column.

The options list for changing a response type.

Items options table

GroupUse this to create a set of questions and response types.
Text area5000-character limit.
Text256-character limit.
Yes/NoBoolean response.
Pass/FailBoolean response.
Yes/No/NABoolean response.
Select listA select list is a list that can be configured to allow the selection of only one or multiple options.
SignatureSignatories must first provide their name and can then add their signature. Aconex records the date and time they signed the inspection, which are also recorded in the Excel and PDF exports. To enable multiple signatures, add multiple signature responses to the checklist template.

Moving items using drag and drop

If you want to change the order of the groups, or the questions within the groups, you can do so using drag and drop, or by selecting the tick box next to the group or item’s name, and then use the up and down arrows to re-arrange them. You can also move items in and out of groups, or from one group to another, by dragging and dropping them.

Note that if you have any ungrouped items, these will always be moved above any grouped items, when you save your changes.

Saving and publishing your template

When you've finished adding questions and response types, click Save at the top of the screen. If you want to make it available to inspectors immediately, click Publish. The new template will be available to them when they next log into Field.

If you select Save to draft, your changes are saved but are not yet visible to inspectors.

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