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Copy inspection templates across your projects

Use templates from one project on another project.

Stop redoing checklist templates for each new project that you start. Field administrators can use Field Web to copy templates from one project to another. Once copied, templates can then be customized according to the project’s needs.

  1. Log into Aconex Field on the web.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  1. Under Checklists in the left-hand panel, click on Checklist templates.
  2. Click on Add Template and select the Copy from project.
  1. In the dialogue, choose a project and category. Deselect any templates you do not wish to copy, then click Copy. Do not navigate away from the page while copying is in progress.

You can select or deselect all rows using the checkbox in the header row.

Note: You can only copy from projects which you are invited to and you can only copy templates that your organization owns. Templates that have been shared with your organization are excluded.

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