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Editing a Inspection template on your project

Edit a template you've created for inspectors to use on structured inspections.
  1. Log into Aconex Field on the web.
  2. Select Project/Settings.
  1. Under Inspections, click Templates. This opens a list of all the templates currently available in your project.
The Inspections/Templates list showing a template name selected.
  1. Click on the name of the template you want to edit.
  2. On the edit page, you can:
    • Change the template title.
    • Modify the Description content as required.
    • Change or add a Category.
    • Add new Items or Item Groups and related items.
    • Rename existing Items or Item Groups .
    • Drag and drop items to reorder them in your checklist.
    • Change the response types associated with checklist items.
  3. Click Save or Publish to update the template.

Inspectors will see the updated template when they next log into Field.

A Checklist Template showing all the editable fields as listed here.

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