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Share inspection templates with organizations on your project

You can share inspection templates with other organizations on your project.

You can share your templates with organizations working on your project, setting standards that all parties on the project will follow, improving quality and making it easier to communicate. 

Sharing inspection templates

  1. Open Aconex in a browser then go to Field/Settings.
field templates
  1. Under Inspections in the left-hand panel, click on Templates.
  2. You'll see the list of categories in that project, with a Share next to categories that can be shared.
The Share icon for a category.
  1. Select the Share option to open a dialog where you can choose which organizations you want to share the category of templates with.

Only organizations on the project and that have Inspections enabled will appear for selection.

  1. Select as many organizations from the list as you like.

If the category of templates that you share contains any Form templates, they will also be available for use by the organizations you’ve shared the category with – provided the have Forms enabled.

  1. Template categories that have been shared will have the Share icon. If you hover over the Share icon, you can see which organizations are sharing the categories. If you click on the icon, you can share the category with additional organizations, or remove organizations if you need to.

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