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Print the QR codes for your Field project

Print the QR codes for use on site with Oracle Aconex Mobile

Printed QR codes are used on site to help subcontractors and inspectors find issues in Oracle Aconex Mobile.

Printing QR codes

  1. Log into Aconex in a browser then go to Field > Settings.
  2. Select the Areas and sub-areas to see those that are currently available in your project.
  1. Click on the area you need a printed QR code for.
  2. Click the Print QR Codes button in the top right.

This will print the QR codes for the area, and the first sub area beneath it. In this example we're printing QR codes for the Five Star Demo and Area 01. If you wanted to print QR codes for specific, for example Area 01 or 02, you have to select the appropriate row before selecting Print QR Codes.

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