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Sharing Field issues with other organizations

Share Field issues with other organizations.

If you share issues with other organizations, any comments added to those issues can only be seen by the organizations who share the issue.

For example, if an organization shares their issues with a second organization, a third organization cannot see those comments unless the issue is shared with the third organization.

How restrictions control the visibility of comments across organizations

Visibility of comments across organizations

  • If an issue is not assigned, the comments visible to logged in users are restricted to those added by users within the logged in user's organization.
  • If an issue is assigned to an organization, comments visible to the logged in user are those added by the:
    • logged in user's org, AND;
    • organization the issue is assigned to.

For shared issues

Org B, who the issues is shared to, cannot see comments that Org A, the sharing organization, has with Org C.

The rules above also apply for issues exported to PDF/Excel/CSV.

Sharing issues with other orgs

  1. In Aconex, select Field/Settings.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Under Field Directory, select Organizations you work with.
Field Directory with Organizations you work with highlighted.
  1. Click Add Organization.
  2. In Add an organization window, select the organization from the dropdown list.
  3. Select the Assign and Share options.
  4. Save your changes when you finished. The Organizations you work with list should now reflect the choices you made for sharing with that organization.
The Add Organization window.

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