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Sharing Field issues with other organizations

Allow other organizations to view issues and inspections your organization captures

Comments are private between organizations.
For example, if the Builder assigns a defect to their Subcontractor, they can see comments made with each other on that defect.
If the Builder shares all their defects with the Client, the Client cannot see any of the comments made between the Builder and the Subcontractor.  

Sharing issues with other orgs

  1. In Aconex, select Field.
  2. Under Project, cick on Settings .
  3. From the left panel, Under Field Directory, select Organizations you work with.
Field Directory with Organizations you work with highlighted.
  1. From here you can either Add Organization or click the name of an Organization you have added.
  2. Select the Assign and Share options.

    Assign/Issues – if you want to allow your inspectors to assign Issues to this organization.

    Share/Issues – if you want to allow this organization to have read access to all the Issues captured by your organization.

    Share/Inspections – if you want to allow this organization to have read access to all the Inspections captured by your organization.

  3. Save your changes when you finished. The Organizations you work with list should now reflect the choices you made for sharing with that organization.
The Add Organization window.

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