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Daily Issue Notifications

Get daily summaries of the Issues most relevant to you.

You can enable options to receive a daily update on:

  1. Issues assigned to you.
  2. Issues assigned to your organization.
  3. Issues you created that have changed status. Note that this option is visible only if you have issue creation permissions.
field notification settings

Notifications are sent out at 5 am local time. 

Default notification settings vary according to a user’s role in Field. These are:

  • Observer administrators/Observer - No options are selected.
  • Assignee - Only the option Issues assigned to me is selected.
  • Inspector - The options Issues assigned to me and Status change for the issues I created are selected.
  • Project/Inspector/Assignee administrators - All options are selected.

Setting your Issue Notification preferences

  1. In Field navigate to Settings/Notification Settings.
  2. Select your options. These are saved automatically.

Note that to receive Issue Notifications, Email Notifications should be enabled in Aconex. If they are disabled, Issue notifications will not be sent even if they are enabled in Field.

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