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What's the Guest User role for?

While Guest Users don’t have any privileges in Field, this role can be useful on some projects.

Guest users can’t log into Field, so they can’t see a list of issues, change issues’ status, or do anything else in Field.

So why would you create a user as a Guest?

The most common reason is that you’re working with subcontractors who don’t want to use Field.

If you create them as a Guest user, you can:

  • assign them issues
  • filter their issues
  • create reports on their issues.

While they won’t be able to access that information, you will. This means you can keep all your issue tracking and management in Field—even for collaborators who won’t use it.

If you like, you can print or email the collaborator a list of the issues they need to complete, which you’ve generated through Field. And you can change the statuses of those issues as the subcontractor does the work. This does make a little more work for you, of course, but in some cases it’s needed.

To save time and work most efficiently, the best option is for everyone on the project to have non-Guest roles, and to manage their own work in Field.

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