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Give inspectors access to the documents they need for inspections

Attach photos, videos, audio, PDFs and other documents to Inspections

Simplify inspections by making documents easily accessible on site or in the office for your inspectors. With Aconex, its easy to attach drawings, specifications and any other relevant documentation to an inspections request.

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    Things to remember

    • Files can only be uploaded via the web app
    • Files have to be attached from your local computer (i.e – from your computer hard drive, not from the cloud)
    • Attached files can be viewed from both the web application and Oracle Aconex Mobile
    • Supports any file type and size, but some files aren’t supported for thumbnail icon or preview
    • Only users at Inspector level or above can add attachments
    • You can’t attach files to inspections that are shared with you
    • Files can’t be attached to closed inspections
    • Attached files cannot be deleted
    • Files can be attached to both checklist and PDF inspections

    Adding attachments

    1. From the Aconex web application navigate to Field > Inspections.
    2. Select an inspection to add an attachment to.
    3. Click the Attachments tab. From here you can view current attachments for the selected Inspection.
    4. Click Attach new file
    5. Similar to the multi-file upload process, you can either drag and drop files or browse to locate files on your computer.
    6. Enter a comment for your attachment (limit 255 characters).
    7. Click Upload.
    8. Once your files are uploaded, click Done.

    You can now see your uploaded files as attachments for this inspection. Your inspectors will be able to access these attachments from Oracle Aconex Mobile.

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    Viewing attachments from the Aconex web app

    1. Navigate to Field > Inspections.
    2. Select an inspection to view.
    3. Click the Attachments tab.
    4. Toggle between the List or Grid view, depending on how you’d like to view the inspection’s attachments.
    5. If you’d like to preview the attachment, click the ellipsis menu and select Preview.
    6. Click on the file name to open and view the attachment.
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    Downloading attachments from the Aconex web app

    Download a single attachment:

    1. Click the ellipsis menu.
    2. Select Download.

    Bulk download multiple attachments:

    1. Select the files you wish to download.
    2. Click Tools > Bulk Download.
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    Viewing and downloading attachments from Oracle Aconex Mobile

    1. Log in to Oracle Aconex Mobile from your mobile device.
    2. Tap into Inspections for your selected project.
    3. Tap on an inspection to see its details.
    4. Tap the Attachments icon to view the list of attached files. You can see how many attachments are associated with the inspection by checking the number alongside the attachments icon.
    5. Tap an attachment to view it. This will also download the file to your device
    6. If the attachment file type is not supported for viewing within the mobile app, you can select another app to view the file.

    Can’t see the attachment you’re after? Use a pull to refresh gesture on the attachments list to get an up-to-date view.

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