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Raise an issue from a checklist

Found an issue on an inspection? Raise it right from the checklist.

If you’re using a checklist for an inspection, and you find an issue, you can raise it right from the checklist item.

Once you’ve started an inspection using a checklist:

  1. Tap the issue icon for the relevant checklist item.
Tap the issue icon
  1. You’ll see the Add new issue page. You’ll notice that some answers may be pre-filled. You can edit all the items as you add the issue.

  2. Tap Save to save the issue to this project.

Adding a new issue
  1. You’ll be taken back to the checklist, and you'll see a message confirming that the issue you just created has been saved.

You’ll notice once you save the issue that the issue icon on the checklist is red, which identifies that an open issue is associated with that checklist item.

When the issue is closed, the icon will become grey, but it will still be accessible from the checklist.

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