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Search and filter your inspections

Search your inspections on the web and mobile app

Search for inspections on the web

  1. Login to Aconex from your web browser.
  2. Click Inspections and then select an Area and Sub-area as required.
  3. In the search field, enter keyword/s of the title or number of the inspection you’re seeking and click Search. You can also press Enter after entering your search keyword.
  4. Click on the filters panel to narrow your search results as required.
Search inspections

Search for inspections on your mobile device

  1. Login to Oracle Aconex Mobile and tap the Inspections icon.
  2. Select the location where the inspections you’re seeking are located.
select location
  1. Tap the Search icon.
search icon
  1. Select to search either the Current Area or All Areas.
  2. Enter a keyword or the inspection number in the search field.
  3. Tap the keyboard Search button.
  1. To exit search mode and return to your full listing of inspections tap the back arrow.
  2. Tap filters to narrow your search results
tap filters
  1. You can filter by status, modified date, template, shared, or those created only by you.
inspection filters

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