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View Inspections that have been shared with your organization

See the project Inspections that have been shared by another company in Field mobile and desktop.

You can see Inspections shared between other organizations and yours. If you don’t want to see these in the desktop version, you have to select Exclude shared inspections when filtering inspections. In Mobile, to do this you have to deselect Include shared inspections.

On desktop

  1. Log into Aconex in a browser then go to Field/Inspections.
  2. All the inspections you have access to will display. This list includes by default, inspections shared with your organization.
  3. If you need to view only inspections that your organization has created, click the Exclude shared inspections checkbox to select it. The refreshed list will only include your organization’s Inspections.

On mobile

  1. Log into Oracle Aconex Mobile and tap Inspections.
  2. Tap the filter icon and deselect the setting Shared inspection.
deselect shared inspection

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