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Working with Inspection Checklists and PDF forms

Find out how to create and edit Inspections on your desktop using checklists and PDFs forms, and how to export them to PDF.

Quality and Safety managers can start and edit inspections either on-site or at the office. Once you’ve created inspections, you can update and edit them using the desktop and mobile interfaces together.

In this article you’ll learn how to:

Creating and editing inspections

This section explains how to start and edit inspections on your desktop. You can edit inspections in a number of ways. For example, you can change the location, add issues, photos or comments to checklists via the desktop. You can also add line, arrow, pencil and photo annotations to them. See also Starting new inspections from your desktop.

Adding new inspections and previewing existing ones

  1. Inspection Checklists and Inspection PDF forms can be started and edited on the desktop. To start a Checklist or PDF form, open Field/Inspections and select New Inspection.
The New inspection button.
  1. Next, roll your mouse over a template and select either Preview a or Start Inspection. You can then either review an inspection or start a new one.
A template showing the Preview a or Start Inspection options.

Editing Checklists

  1. To edit an inspection, open the appropriate checklist and select Edit. From here you can edit a number of items and fields, title and status for example, in the Inspection Details/Properties column.
An example of an Inspection showing the Edit and Action buttons.
  1. If you want to change an inspection’s location, you do so by directly editing the location hierarchy at the top of the screen under Edit Inspection.
  2. You can also add and edit Inspection responses in the main panel, add issues, photos or notes for each response, by via the corresponding icons on the right of the panel.
Adding and editing an Inspection's details.

Starting and editing PDF forms

  1. To edit a PDF form, open the appropriate one and select Edit.
  2. From here you can edit any of the fields and add lines, arrows, pencil and photo annotations using the icons at the top of the form. See Unsupported field types in Creating editable PDF Form templates for structured inspections for more information.

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