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Change the status of an issue to 'Work done' using Field Mobile

Once you've completed your work on site, close the issue.

Field Mobile makes it easy to view, inspect, and close issues on site.

The information here assumes you've already located the issue you're working on.

  1. All the issues in a chosen location that are assigned to your organization will show an orange-colored status. They'll be labeled Open.
Selecting the Work done option.
  1. Find the issue you’ve completed work on. Tap it to open the issue.
Selecting the Work done option.

If you wish, you can attach an image of the completed work either from your camera roll, or capture it by tapping the camera icon.

  1. Tap the Status and choose Work Done. The issue’s details are updated automatically. The inspector will see that you've completed your work, and that it's ready for inspection.

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