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Reports FAQs

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about the Reports module

Can I save the report views I create in Aconex Reports?

Not yet, but we’ll be adding this functionality in future.

Can I share Aconex Reports with others?

You can share the Aconex Reports you export with others on the project using Aconex Mail.

How can I get access to Aconex Reports?

First, the Aconex Reports module needs to be available to your organization. Speak to your Aconex representative to have Reports enabled.

Then, simply ask your Organization Administrator to give you the appropriate permissions to access Reports.

What are “data limits” in Aconex Reports?

To ensure you get your report as quickly as possible, Aconex limits the amount of data in each report. While these limits are high enough that few users are affected, on occasion you may see a notification that you’ve hit the data limit, and your report is incomplete.

Data limits can vary between reports, and, depending on the parameters you set, within a report. We’re constantly working to increase the data limits so that your reports contain more information, and can still be produced quickly. In the meantime, if you’re looking at a report that has filters, you can use them to get more data about a particular aspect of that report.

Can I get reports other than the ones listed in the Aconex Reports module?

Not currently, although we’ll be adding reports to the list in the near future. You can always create your own search-based reports, of course.

How can I return an Aconex Report to its default once I’ve made changes to it?

Click the return arrow at the top of the page, under the Project Overview heading.

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