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Working with saved reports

Save a report you’ve configured to suit your needs for easy access next time.

Once you’ve configured a standard report so that it shows exactly what you want to see, you can save it. You’ll be the only person who can see your saved reports. They’re not shared.

You can also:

Save a report

  1. When you’ve finished configuring any report to show what you need to see, click Save and select Save As…
Selecting Save as...
  1. You’ll see the Save As window. Here you can edit the report’s Name and Description to something that’s meaningful to you.
The Save AS window
  1. Click Save to save your report. You’ll see a confirmation message once the report is saved.

  2. Click Back to go to the Reports page. You’ll see your report appears in the Saved Reports list at the top of the page.

The Saved Reports list

Edit a saved report

To edit the name or description of a saved report:

  1. Click the Actions icon to the right of the report’s listing.

  2. Select Edit Details from the menu that appears.

  3. Change the report’s Name or Description in the Edit Details page, and click Save to save your changes.

The edit details page

You can also use an existing report as the basis for a new report.

  1. Select the report you’re interested in from the Saved Reports list.

  2. Make the alterations you need to the report to create the new report.

  3. Click Save and select Save as…

  4. Give the report a unique name and description, and click Save.

  5. When you go back to the Reports page, you’ll see your new report appears in the list.

The Save As page

Delete a saved report

If you decide you no longer need a saved report, you can delete it from this list.

  1. Click the Actions icon to the right of the report’s listing.
The Actions icon
  1. Select Delete Report.

  2. You’ll see a confirmation message. Click the Delete button.

  3. Your report is removed from the Saved Reports list.

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