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Working with Issues Detail Metrics

Find out how your Issues are tracking.


The image below shows a summary each status of the issues with the following definitions. The button allows you to view this set of issues within Field to read more details.


Completed (percentage)The percentage of all issues that have been closed. Note: The percentage value is rounded down to a whole number. Eg 99.9% will be shown as 99%.
orangeThe number of issues that are Open for the project
yellowThe number of issues that are Ready to Inspect
greyThe number of issues that are In Dispute
pale greenThe number of issues that have status of Work Done
greenThe number of issues that are currently Closed for the project

Detail Grid

  • The screen above shows the number of open issues in each area (in rows) and the assignee (in columns). The bar chart on each cell indicates the status of the issues for that area and assignee.
  • The darker the cell colour, the higher the number of issues (relative to other subcontractors/areas).
  • When there are issues that have not been assigned, a column titled Unassigned will show details of these.
  • The first row shows totals for each assignee and the first column shows totals for that area.
  • To view sub-areas, click on one of the areas on the left for a new view of all the sub-areas within that area.
  • The colored bar at the bottom of each cell shows the status of an issue:

Details overlay

Clicking a cell shows details of the status of issues for that assignee in that area.

orangeOpenThe issue has been created and it may have or not assigned to an organisation to be fixed.
yellowReady to InspectThe issue has been completed by the assignee and it’s ready to inspect .
greyIn DisputeThe issue has not been resolved and is in dispute.
pale greenWork DoneThe viewers’ organisation says the work to resolve the issue has been completed.
greenClosedIssue has been resolved and closed.

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