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Getting insights on your mail-based processes

You can see the status of all your mail-based processes with Process Insights

Every construction project has a set of communication processes being run through the Mail module in Aconex. Within Insights you can see the status of each process, how they are performing and who or what is holding them up.

Pre-configured processes

Mail-based process reporting works with the use of the following Mail types:

  • Request For Information
  • Variation
  • Progress Claim
  • Non-Conformance Report
  • Technical Query
  • Design Query
  • Change Request
  • Extension of Time

For each of these Mail types that you use, you will have a report for that mail-based process.

How it works

Mail-based process reporting allows you to track the overall process through the series of Mails that make up that process.

This is how a process is defined:

  • Process number –  Insights groups multiple mails sharing the same reference number into a single process.
  • Process Start – When a specific mail type is first used in the thread that triggers the start of the process.
  • Process Status – Currently displays the last mail type sent in the thread.
  • Process Completion – When the initiating mail for the process is closed-out.

At portfolio and project level, for each mail-based process available on your project, you will see a chart that gives the overall count of what is still in progress and what has been completed.

  • Open - Number of RFI processes that are in progress
  • Completed - Number of RFI processes completed based on the first mail status is closed-out in the thread
  • Total - all RFI processes (threads)

You can click on this chart to drill down to a detailed report for that mail-based process that shows a list of the specific processes that your organisation is involved in. For each specific process, you will see information related to the overall process along with details of the initial Mail and, after scrolling further horizontally, the latest Mail, visible to your organisation.

To view the specific Mail thread associated with a specific process, click on the relevant link in the Activity column.

You can also view the initial Mail and latest Mail for a specific process by click on the relevant Mail number link.

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