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Working with Inspections Detail Metrics

Find out how your Inspections are tracking.

The Insights view of your Inspections is quite straightforward. Read on to take a tour of what you’ll see in Inspections.

The screenshot below shows a summary of the Inspections for a particular category (in this case, an Environmental Study) and a project (Big New). The Issue Created section is a summary of all issues created for the Inspection.

Along the bottom of the screenshot above you can see the total number of issues and then a breakdown of the issues by their status. The status is color-coded and explained below:

Color Status Description
orange Open The issue has been created and it may or may not have been assigned to an organization to be fixed
yellow Ready to inspect The issue has been completed by the assignee and it’s ready to inspect
grey In dispute The issue has not been resolved and is in dispute
pale green Work done The viewers’ organization says the work to resolve the issue has been completed
green Closed The Issue has been resolved and closed

The screenshot below shows the progress of any Inspection created from each of the available Inspection templates.

  • Clicking the Inspection template title will show all Inspections created from that template in the Field web app.
  • The Total indicates the number of Inspections that have been created from that Inspections template. The following columns show the breakdown of these Inspections by status, either In Progress or Completed. In Progress Inspections have been “started” by an inspector and will show the status Open in the mobile app. Completed Inspections are those that have had their status changed to Closed.
  • The issues Total column indicates the number of issues that have been created associated to the Inspection templates. The following columns then show the breakdown by issue status for these issues.

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