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Working with RFI Detailed Metrics

Discover the reasons that your RFIs are outstanding and overdue.

RFI Activity Detail

This chart shows all RFIs sent and received by your organization since the beginning of the project.

The list is sorted by date sent (issued), with the newest RFIs at the top and categorized into Overdue, Outstanding, No Respond By Date and Closed Out.

Note that for this view, overdue and outstanding will also show mails that have been responded to. This is different from the RFI Overdue Sent Detail and Response Required Detail which do not include responded mails in the Outstanding and Overdue RFIs.

RFI Overdue Sent Detail

Selecting a particular organization in the Most Overdue RFIs metric will show only RFIs which your organization has sent to the selected organization and still require a response.

Response Required Detail

As described in the Response Required process metric, this shows RFIs that still require a response.

Note that there is a filter at the top which controls whether you are viewing the Sent or Received RFIs.

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