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Advanced document searching

Master document search using Aconex search codes and the main Search field.

As well as Boolean searching, the main Documents search field lets you search using Aconex document search codes.

You can use these search codes to create very specific searches.

Search for confidential documents

To search for all documents marked confidential, you’d use the “confidential” search code and the operator 1, which indicates a checkbox field is checked for the document.

See the Aconex document search codes for the full list of codes you can use in the search.

Search documents by file type

The “filetype” search code lets you find documents of certain file formats.

  • filetype:PDF finds all PDFs in your document register
  • filetype:DWG finds all drawing files (DWGs) in your document register
  • filetype:DOC finds all Word documents (DOCs) in your document register.

Search for documents by their revisions

You can search for particular revisions of a document using a range. The type of brackets you use — straight or curly — determines which values are included in the search.

  • revision:[c TO e] returns all documents with current revisions C, D and E. Using square brackets includes the two values you've set.
  • revision:{c TO e} returns all documents with the current revision D. Using curly brackets excludes the two values you've set.

To see the complete document history of the documents in the list, click the Show Document History checkbox above your search results.

Combining search codes, Boolean operators, and the search pane

For fast precision searching, use Boolean operators to combine Aconex search codes.

For example:

  • hasmarkups:1 AND confidential:1 searches for confidential files with markups.
  • revision:[c TO e] AND filetype:DWG searches for DWG files with revisions from c to e.
  • doctype:(drawing OR model) searches for documents with the type drawing or model.

You can also combine Aconex search codes and Boolean operators with the fields in the search pane. In the example below, we’re searching for Drawings that are Approved and are pdf files.

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