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Search within file content

Search the content of your documents to find what you’re looking for.

You can include the content of documents when you search the document register. You can search the content of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and rich PDF documents (that is, files created in PDF format, not items scanned and saved as PDFs) up to 50Mb in size.

This includes documents already in the register as well as new documents you upload.

To include document content in your search, check the Include file content box in the search field.

You can refine the search results using the document metadata fields, to find, for example, only Agenda documents containing a certain word or phrase.

The document content search can also return results for foreign language content.

This functionality is being rolled out from project to project – if you don’t see the check box option for searching file content, it means that project has not been indexed for document content search yet.

Any feedback?

Thanks. A ticket has been opened with the Support Central team.