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Using Documents search codes

Master document searching using advanced search techniques.

Use the Aconex search codes below in the search field to get exactly the search results you want.

Make sure you follow each code with a colon, as shown below.

To search using a code that has a Yes or No value (e.g. confidential), search 1 for yes, and 0 for no.

Search on...Using...
The document numberdocno:
The document titletitle:
The document's disciplinediscipline:
The Attribute 1 fieldattribute:
The Attribute 2 fieldsecondaryattribute:
The Attribute 3 fieldattribute3:
The Attribute 4 fieldattribute4:
The document's file typefiletype:
The document's file namefilename:
The print size specified for the documentprintsize:
The document's revisionrevision:
The organization that created the documentauthor:
Keywords included in document commentscomments:
Documents which are partially completepercentcomplete:
Keywords included in the Reference fieldreference:
The date on which the document was sent to the clienttoclient:
The date on which the document was approvedapproved:
The document's milestone datemilestonedate:
The document's planned submission dateplannedsubmissiondate:
The document typedoctype:
The document's statusdocstatus:
Confidential documentsconfidential:
Documents that have markups saved to themhasmarkups:
Documents with a certain number of markupsmarkupcount:
The date on which markups were made to the documentmarkupdate:
Documents last marked up on a certain datelastmarkupdate:
Documents that use a certain scalescale:
The document's VDR codevdrcode:
The document's categorycategory:
Documents last modified on a given datelastmodified:
The date on which a revision was updatedrevisiondate:
The date the document was reviewedreviewed:
The name of the person who reviewed the documentauthorisedby:
Documents of a certain size (KB or MB)size:
Documents uploaded on a certain date (server time is used)uploaddate:
Documents uploaded to Temporary Files by a certain useruploadedby:

Documents that are locked have specific Super search strings as shown below:

Search on...Using...
Documents locked by Supplier Docslock:deliverables
Documents locked by a Workflowlock:workflow
Documents locked by clicking on the ‘lock’ iconlock:user
Documents that are not lockedlock:z*

To find documents uploaded to the Document Register by a certain individual, select all the results in your document search, click the Reports button, and select  Transmittal history by document. Then choose Export to Excel.

You'll receive an Excel file that contains the full history for each document, including the name of the person who uploaded each version of it.

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