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Search Documents

Find a document, drawing, or file that’s been uploaded to your Document Register.

Use the Documents search pane and search field to find documents in your Document Register. See also our advanced search guide.

  1. Select your project.
  2. Click Documents.
  3. Select  Document Register.
  4. You’ll see the Search page. You can search documents on this project using the search pane (1) and the Search Field (2), which are shown in the image below.

To see all the documents in your Document Register, leave all the search fields blank and click the Search button.

How to use the search pane

The fields in the search pane reflect the tags that people apply to documents they upload to the Document Register.

To start searching for particular documents:

  1. Select items from the dropdown lists that apply to the document you want.
  2. Enter parts of the Document Number, Title, and so on if you know them.
Selecting search criteria
  1. Click Search to see a list of the documents on the project that match your criteria.
  2. Click the file icon to download the document. Or click the arrow beside it to access a range of other options, including viewing and transmitting the document.

Refine your search results easily using the Boolean operators *, AND, OR, and NOT.

You can use these operators in all the search pane fields (but not in the dropdown menus).

As an example, if you’re not sure of the full document number, enter the part you know and use the wildcard operator *.

Searching with a wildcard

This search returns all documents whose numbers contain the number 100 in any position, as shown below.

Search results

If you want to find all documents with the words “fire doors” in their titles, you’d search with those two words: fire doors.

Searching for fire doors

Keyword searches are exact-match searches, but they aren’t case-sensitive.

But if you wanted to find all documents with the words fire and doors in their titles, you’d use the AND operator: fire AND doors.

You can quickly find documents using these Boolean operators in the search pane.

Searching for fire AND doors

See the full list of Boolean operators you can use with Aconex.

How to use the search field

The search field field lets you search using keywords that may appear in one or more of the tags or fields that have been used to categorize the document you want.

To use it:

  1. Enter your search term or terms into the field.
  2. Click Search.

So, rather than entering your search terms in the fields in the search pane, you can enter them into the search field.

The search can be as simple as a keyword, like “fire”, or a document number, or a discipline, or you can use the full range of Boolean operators to focus your search.

In this search for documents associated with the word “fire”, you’ve forgotten how to spell “Podium”, so you’re using the wildcard search operator *.

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