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Search for project mail with Aconex's Mail search

Use Aconex's powerful Mail search and filter your mail.
  1. Select your project from the Project Selector at the top of the page.
  1. Double-click Mail to open your Inbox.
  2. The Search Mail page displays, showing all the mail in your project's Inbox. If you like, choose either All, Sent or Drafts mail boxes using the tabs at the top of the page. Learn more about the All tab

Wondering why you can see everyone else's mail? Find out here.

  1. To search for particular mail, type some keywords from any part of that mail into the search bar, then click Search.
searching mail

You can also click the My mail only checkbox to search only the mail that was sent to you.

  1. To filter the results, make changes in the relevant column headers.
filter your search results

To see more filters, click the Advanced Search button and select the filters you want from the list. You can also Add/Remove Columns.

  1. When you refresh the search results, you'll see that your filters appear as labels above the search bar. You can remove a single filter by clicking the x beside it. Or click Clear All to clear this search and start again.
  1. Once you've found the mail you want, click its Subject link to display the project mail.
click the mail subject

View all your mail with the combined Inbox and Sent view.

Save time switching between your inbox and sent mail with a comprehensive view of All mail. The All tab allows you to view, search and sort all your mail, the same way you would from the Inbox and Sent tabs. It's a combination of the Inbox and Sent results, giving you visibility of all organization recipients each mail was sent to. Once you've filtered the results, you can export the results into a single Excel report.

1. From the menu select Mail > All.

2. Add/Remove columns as required (you'll see a combined list of available columns from both Inbox and Sent).

3. Apply filters and enter search keywords as required.

4. Click Search.

5. Export your results with Export to Excel

Things to note: 

  • Draft mails aren’t included in the All tab.
  • Filter the From Organization column to see what’s incoming and what’s outgoing.
  • Actions such as marking mail as unread need to be performed from the separate Inbox/Sent tabs via the Tools menu.
  • Sent mail that includes people from your organization will be listed once in the search results (rather than two separate rows). The Recipients column shows all recipients (from your and other organizations).
reference number
  • Search and sort by mail Reference Number to see all mails within a thread grouped in the search.
mail sent by your org

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