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Manage organization calendars in Cost

Setting up the calendars you use across your projects.

Each project is assigned a calendar when it is created.

Calendars define the project’s workdays and the work hours per day. With this information, full-time equivalent hours (FTEs) for each reporting period are calculated. This information is then used to calculate time-phased data in the cost management module. It’s also used to generate project reports.

When you create calendars, you need to define several items:

  • Start Date: this is the first day of the first reporting period.
  • Work Day Pattern: specify the working days and the number of hours worked per day for a typical workweek. The default is 5 days per week, 8 hours per day.

Exceptions to the workday pattern can then be defined to account for holidays, down time, or project delays.

In order for a calendar to be used on a project, it must be set to active on the calendars page. Enterprise calendars can be developed in order to create a set of standard default calendars for different project use cases (for example, a 5-days-per-week calendar or an 8-hours-per-day calendar)

Create an organization calendar

  1. Double-click Cost on the module menu.
  2. Click the drop down menu at the top-left of the page and select Administration.
  3. Under the Organization Data heading in the left-hand pane, click Calendars.
  4. The current calendars display in the right-hand pane. Click the Add icon on the toolbar under the Calendars heading.
  5. In the Add Calendar window, give the calendar a name and description and click the Set As Active checkbox, then click Add Calendar.
  6. The new calendar’s page displays. Select a Start Date, then set the Work Day Pattern for it by typing how many hours of work will take place on each day of the week.
  7. Your changes are saved and reflected automatically in the calendar on the right.
  8. Click Return to Organization Calendar list when you’ve finished.
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